Dr. Mike Piccione in Richmond Hill, GA, utilizes X-Guide™ imaging technology to perform safer, more precise dental implant surgery. Although dental implant surgery performed by an experienced oral surgeon is already highly successful and effective, the X-Guide system makes it possible to perform the procedure with greater accuracy. Your safety and satisfaction are important to us, and we are excited to incorporate this new technology in an effort to provide the best possible treatment. 

How Does X-Guide Work? 

Dr. Piccione uses X-Guide technology to digitally plan and perform dental implant surgery. Surgeons widely use computerized tomography (CT) scans to plan and place implants. This method can result in a considerable margin of deviation. X-Guide allows us to accurately view the position, angle, and depth of our tools during surgery and allows us to make necessary adjustments in real time. In addition to providing turn-by-turn guidance during surgery, this imaging tool provides a 360-degree anatomical view of your jaw and teeth, warning us if our tools are too close to nerves or other sensitive areas. 

Dental Implant Placement Using X-Guide

X-Guide operates seamlessly with our existing dental implantation technology and acts as a “GPS for the drill” Prior to beginning your oral surgery, we will take impressions of your jaws using X-Clip Devices. These impression cubes are only slightly larger than your molars and fit comfortably in your mouth, taking on the shape of your teeth over the next five minutes. Once the X-clip impressions are ready, we can use them to take highly detailed scans. Next, we use advanced software to personalize your procedure and determine the ideal location for your dental implants. This step is especially important for specialized placements, such as with All-on-4®

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If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with implant-supported restorations, our office can use X-Guide imaging to provide outstanding results that benefit you for the rest of your life. Call our Richmond Hill Office at 912-445-2903 to book a consultation.