Hi! I’m Dr. Mike and I am here to help our Vets!

Veterans need our help!

vets salute flagI know how difficult it is to be caught up in the VA system and waiting for appointments! I’ve been there. That’s why I provide free Oral Surgery care for our well deserved Veterans! After proudly serving for our military in Germany, Ft. Bragg NC, and West Point NY, for 12 years, I knew it was time to make an important change in my life and our community. Born and raised in NY, although I miss it sometimes, especially the food, Savannah is a special place for my wife Kristin and I raising our two beautiful boys, Silas and Harry!

Veterans need our attention!

Kris and I have proudly served in the US Army. We met at Ft. Bragg, NC where I completed my Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residency. We want to make a difference and reach out to our fellow veterans and emphasize that you are not forgotten! We will take care of you.

Veterans deserve our respect!

children admiring vet's medalsOur staff will provide all the details you need and answer all of your questions and concerns to ensure that you are taken care of. We will provide a service that I hope will serve your needs.

Veterans reach out and contact us!

When you arrive in our office , we will provide a CT scan and provide a same day surgical procedure or if you require sedation, then we will provide the dates available for you. Typically if you require sedation, then most likely you will be scheduled at the next available appointment so we can provide all of the pre-operative instructions you need to guarantee a safe and optimal surgical experience for you.

I provide free Oral Surgery care to get you out of pain.

Once a month we are on a dedicated mission to serve our fellow veterans in our Savannah office who usually do not receive the care they deserve.

Free extractions for eligible Veterans!

After a thorough medical history and appropriate clearance if needed from their primary care physician, I will provide free oral surgery care to our veterans in need. My number one priority is safe and optimal care for our comrades who have served honorably!